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 Move people around to avoid serious knowledge loss and coding bottle necks. If only one person on your team can work in a given area and that person leaves or just has too much to do you will find your project's progress reduced to a crawl.
 Cross training is often an important consideration in companies trying to avoid islands of knowledge, which are so susceptible to loss. Moving people around the code base in combination with pair programming does your cross training for you. Instead of one person who knows everything about a given section of code, everyone on the team knows much of the code in each section.
 A team is much more flexible if everyone knows enough about every part of the system to work on it. Instead of having a few people overloaded with work while other team members have little to do, the whole team can be productive. Any number of developers can be assigned to the hottest part of the system. Flexible load balancing of this type is a manager's dream come true.

 Simply encourage everyone to try working on a new section of the system at least part of each iteration. Pair programming makes it possible without losing productivity and ensures continuity of thought. One person from a pair can be swapped out while the other continues with a new partner if desired. XP Rules

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