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 10/5/2009 Revised lessons learned significantly. Changed the navigation to remove duplicate pages from extremeprogramming.org and agile-process.org. Shortened the guided tour to not include every rule page. Updated the links and books page and linked to the agile-process.org links and book page. Added the value respect to the home page and added a separate values page in reaction to Kent's revised book. Updated a few rule descriptions.
 9/15/2009 Rewrote the introduction page.
 9/12/2009 Changed the no overtime rule to sustainable pace.  Removed optimize last rule and added dedicated open space.
 8/30/2009 Merged the home page with the what is XP page.
 8/29/2009 Re-wrote the change page to become the software rots page.  Removed the we need XP page.
 8/19/2009 Added about the author page.
 8/15/2009 Removed zip file in anticipation of some changes.  Fixing broken links as I find them.  Adding new links as needed.
Thank You!
 Changing this web site for the better is made possible by the people who have taken time to comment and make recommendations.

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