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"No we were going to keep it simple. If we debounce the switch then we add a requirement to keep track of time. I would like to keep such things out of the software if possible."
"Sounds like a bad design decision to me."
"If we find out we need it we will just add it later, XP allows us to act as if future requirements don't exist, you'll see. Next we need to talk about functional testing."
"We don't test our products we send them off to QA. They test it and tell us what is broken. We fix it and send it back again until everything is working."
"I was thinking of a different scenario. Suppose we send a product to QA that has no bugs?"
"That has never happened."
"We can at least try. What we will need is a computer with a 32 bit PIA to connect to the microcontroller we are building for the coffee maker. An additional PIA to control the coffee maker's power would also be good. We can then program the functional test computer to run scenarios on the coffee maker's microcontroller and test it completely before it even goes to QA."

"We could make something available near the end of the project, but you will need one of our MDL's and a FLASH burner for it to do you any good. That kind of equipment is already in short supply. You guys have a lot to learn about building commercial software!"
"I suppose if you could help us verify a software simulation, which we could then supplement with an occasional run on real hardware that would be enough. We would also like to do a spike solution before we attempt to cost out this project. We will need a prototype coffee maker. We want to try a simple experiment of reading inputs and controlling outputs."
"We haven't finished our design yet. Circuit boards won't be available for awhile."
"How about if we wire wrap something together quickly that just has the processor, brew button and the indicator light?"
"We can help with a schematic and show you how to burn the FLASH memory, if you do all the wire wrapping."
Next let's see how the rest of the team is doing with the FADD helping them create user stories.

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