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Story Cards for a Coffee Maker


Let's begin creating user stories for the Mark IV Coffee Maker. The Fictitious Advanced Product Design Department (FADD) is our customer in this case. They will determine what the coffee maker will do. They will make these decisions based on their experience with the coffee maker market and where they want this new coffee maker to be positioned strategically in the market. We create four stories making sure that the stories are about what the coffee maker will do and not about how it will do it. It is up to the hardware design group and us, the software group to decide if these things can work and how.
When we met with the hardware designers they proposed we add a cancel brewing function. We ask the customers about it and they make it clear this is not a good idea. This feature will add nothing to marketability and will cost us to implement.
Meanwhile, our other team members are creating a unit testing framework and trying out a spike solution. The spike solution will be critical to our estimations at the release planning meeting.

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