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Daily Stand Up Meeting

 At a typical project meeting most attendees do not contribute, but attend just to hear the outcome. A large amount of developer time is wasted to gain a trivial amount of communication. Having many people attend every meeting drains resources from the project and also creates a scheduling nightmare.
 Communication among the entire team is the purpose of the stand up meeting. A stand up meeting every morning is used to communicate problems, solutions, and promote team focus. Everyone stands up in a circle to avoid long discussions. It is more efficient to have one short meeting that every one is required to attend than many meetings with a few developers each.
Stand up meeting at C3
 When you have daily stand up meetings any other meeting's attendance can be based on who will actually be needed and will contribute. Now it is possible to avoid even scheduling most meetings. With limited attendance most meetings

can take place spontaneously in front of a computer, where code can be browsed and ideas actually tried out.
 During a stand up meeting developers report at least three things; what was accomplished yesterday, what will be attempted today, and what problems are causing delays. The daily stand up meeting is not another meeting to waste people's time. It will replace many other meetings giving a net savings several times its own length. XP Rules

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