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 All code to be sent into production is created by two people working together at a single computer. Pair programming increases software quality without impacting time to deliver. It is counter intuitive, but 2 people working at a single computer will add as much functionality as two working separately except that it will be much higher in quality. With increased quality comes big savings later in the project.
 The best way to pair program is to just sit side by side in front of the monitor. Slide the key board and mouse back and forth. Both programmers concentrate on the code being written.
 Pair programming is a social skill that takes time to learn. You are striving for a cooperative way to work that includes give and take from both partners regardless of corporate status. The best pair programmers know when to say "let's try your idea first." Don't expect people to be good at it from the start. It helps if you have someone on your team with experience to show everyone what it should feel like.

 One thing pair programming is not is mentoring. A teacher-stundent relationship feels very different from two people working together as equals even if one has significantly more experience. It takes time to get used to pair programming so don't worry if it feels awkward at first. XP Rules
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