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Iterative Development

Iterative Development adds agility to the development process. Divide your development schedule into about a dozen iterations of 1 to 3 weeks in length. One week is the best choice even though it seems very short. Keep the iteration length constant through out the project. This is the heart beat of your project. It is this constant that makes measuring progress and planning simple and reliable in XP.
Don't schedule your programming tasks in advance. Instead have an iteration planning meeting at the beginning of each iteration to plan out what will be done. Just-in-time planning is an easy way to stay on top of changing user requirements.
It is also against the rules to look ahead and try to implement anything that it is not scheduled for this iteration. There will be plenty of time to implement that functionality when it becomes the most important story in the release plan.
Take your iteration deadlines seriously! Track your progress during an iteration. If it looks like you will not finish all of your tasks then call another iteration planning meeting, re-estimate,  and  remove  some   of  the   tasks.

Concentrate your effort on completing the most important tasks as chosen by your customer, instead of having several unfinished tasks chosen by the developers.
It may seem silly if your iterations are only one week long to make a new plan, but it pays off in the end. By planning out each iteration as if it was your last you will be setting yourself up for an on-time delivery of your product. Keep your projects heart beating loud and clear. XP Rules

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