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 After user stories have been written you can use a release planning meeting to create a release plan. The release plan specifies which user stories are going to be implemented for each system release and dates for those releases. This gives a set of user stories for customers to choose from during the iteration planning meeting to be implemented during the next iteration. These selected stories are then translated into individual programming tasks to be implemented during the iteration to complete the stories.
 Stories are also translated into acceptance tests during the iteration. These acceptance tests are run during this iteration, and subsequent iterations to verify when the stories are finished correctly and continue to work correctly.

 When the project velocity changes dramatically for a couple iterations or in any case after several iterations go ahead and schedule a release planning meeting with your customers and create a new release plan.
 The release plan used to be called the commitment schedule. The name was changed to more accurately describe its purpose and be more consistent with iteration plan. Small Releases

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