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Agile Process Proverbs

You will know you are in harmony with your values when you are happy with your work.
simplicityA simple design is always easier to build and maintain. The problem is simplicity comes from an in depth knowledge of the system. Refactor and re-design as you gain knowledge and understanding.
optimize lastI have been surprised many times by how efficient a simple design can be. Simple designs often out perform highly complex yet theoretically optimized designs.
metaphorThe system metaphor is just a metaphor for using good names for things.
databasesFace to face communication is faster and more reliable than anything else.
databasesHaving a software tool is not the same as having a process. The tool can enable but it can not replace the process.

databasesXP and Databases.
rule of thumbUseful Pair Programming idioms.
rule of thumbSome rules of thumb for pairing.
pair programming evidenceExperimental evidence for pairing.
code reviewsCode reviews considered hurtful.
code reviewsEgoless programming never works. You should be proud of good code. So instead be proud of everyone's code by working together to make it so.
code reviewsAnalysis, design, code, and test are all on going and simultaneous activities that are not explicitly managed. You allow your team to decide what needs to be done by whom.
Treat iteration end as a serious dead line and create working, finished software to demonstrate.
Tear up unwanted user stories as soon as they become low value. If you dread tearing one up then you spent too much time creating it.
When user stories are consistently small in scope you can skip turning them into tasks.
When your team finishes numerous user stories per iteration try a shorter iteration. One week is considered optimal.
When a manager asks to change an estimate or a customer refuses to prioritize stories it seems like they have taken control, but in reality they have lost control by refusing an important decision.
Trying to catch up is the fastest way to get further behind. Instead call for a planning meeting, accept how far you have come and create a new plan.

Automatic Tests
unit testsCould have saved us some time.
TDDTesting first makes the code testable.
Acceptance testsAcceptance tests give a feeling of stability.
acceptance testsDownload a tool (FIT) or create a tool to help manage the huge amounts of data that is created as part of your acceptance tests.

Next we should look at when Extreme Programming (XP) should be used.When?

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