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Coffee Maker Spike Solution


 The spike solution we want to try here will answer the question: Can we interface to the hardware as easy as we think? These types of spikes are very common and very useful at the beginning of an XP project.
 In order to do this spike we will need some hardware. [Since no hardware exists we will use a simulation instead.] Our simulated hardware will need to be designed first. We use CRC cards to design it.  Our next job is to create a simulation of our PIA, the only hardware we will interface with. The next piece will be the
simulator itself followed by a GUI to control it. Then we will create the spike code and answer our question. If the answer is yes, it is simple to control the coffee maker hardware, then our user story time estimates will be lower and with less risk.
 We have not finished our spike yet, but we should be done soon, so book mark this page and come back! What we need next is have a release planning meeting with the user story cards we created. I will add that example as time allows.

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