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Choosing a System Metaphor
for the Simulator


The next step in creating our coffee maker simulator is the selection of a system metaphor. What we need is something that everyone can understand easily. From what we know about our simulator from our CRC card session we could consider a finite state automata, but this isn't exactly the case. We could think of it as an adapter sitting in between the PIA and the GUI. But this seems too abstract to me. We could think of it in terms of an alarm clock, but this isn't right either. No, I think that the best metaphor for us is what Kent Beck calls the naive metaphor. This is the metaphor that uses the domain itself. We can use it here because our domain is actually very simple and generically understood already.
Let's start out writing code for the PIA. We need to see how well our design holds up under contact with actual code!PIA Code

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